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The Gift

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I am watching people that I love like family being hurt, and it’s breaking my heart. I’ve learned that there’s a mathematically unsustainable pyramid-like organization that is calling itself a “circle” within our community.
The reason I have an anxiety and concern about my friends and their futures, is that at the end, these financial pyramids are guaranteed to run out, and all of the people that are at the lower levels lose all of their investment.

I notice that I feel frustrated and upset when I learn that someone is involved. I made this image to show the inevitability of what’s going to happen to a lot of good people eventually.
As our community grows, we need to be more responsible for each other and our mutual success. It would be counter-productive if we kept using the wrong means for the right ends.

I invite collaboration and dialog about this sensitive subject, and I encourage our community to reach out to me if you’d like to discuss.
In love and service,

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