THE BEAST 2012 – Android Jones
Android Jones


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About once a year this image seems to get rediscovered and make the inter web circuit. More and more people are waking up to the idea that our election process is a phantasmagoria orgy of gnashing teeth and fevered egos that make desperate appeals to the reptilian complex of our base fears and false promises towards our fleeting hopes.
I created this over 3 years ago, the faces of the puppets have changed but the game remains the same. the only variable that does not remain constant is our willingness to keep playing and supporting the game.

we are offering a 12 x 12 inch open poster edition for 20$

If you want to see a 2016 sequel to this image you can vote to support its creation by buying a poster today. The more posters we sell the more time I will dedicate to its creation. The final 2016 artwork will be a free hi rez image download you can print out and share at the polls. Creative democracy in action.


If you just want to download and share this image you can get the hi rez file here

 The Beast Fine Art Paper Print

  • 22"x22" Paper Edition of 20- $165

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