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Existence Faux Fur Vest x Boho Coats

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Created in collaboration with Boho Coats

Features the image Existence.
The vest is made from high-quality faux fur and stretchy spandex with print, inside of the vest is made of soft faux fur with short pile, black color. 
This vest is from our limited edition. We are releasing only 50 such vests, each vest is numbered.

♦ fitted
♦ fur facing on the front, bottom, and sleeves
♦ high fur collar
♦ 2 big pockets on the fur side (big enough to carry a bottle of water)
♦ 2 zipped pockets on the lycra side (can fit a phone of any size)
♦ 6 covered large hooks for closure

The Existence faux fur vest will be custom-made for you in San Francisco. It’ll be ready in 3-4 weeks after the order is placed.
It usually takes about 3 weeks to make this coat. 
Available in sizes XS-XL.  It is UNISEX. 
Click HERE to order via Boho Coats .
Photo credit: Ifusha Kalina