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Humming Dragon Faux Fur Poncho x Boho Coats

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Created in collaboration with Boho Coats

Features the image Humming Dragon
This is a limited edition. We are releasing 50 such ponchos, each one is numbered.
It will be custom-made for you in San Francisco.
One side of the poncho is made entirely from faux fur with a very short pile, another from stretchy spandex with the artwork.

It is an 8 sided (angular) Poncho, wide, warm, loose, and comfortable. You can use it as a blanket. May wear backpack underneath it.

♦ fur facing 
♦ fur hood
♦ one big pocket in the center
♦ unisex
♦ one size
Stay warm and have fun!
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Photo credit: Ifusha Kalina