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I Robot Tarpestry
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I Robot Tarpestry

Regular price $220.00

I Robot Tarpestry: 

  • We've got some amazing new Tarpestries in the store. Tarpestries are like a tapestry but much more durable and can be used like a tarp! 
  • Cost: $220 Tarpestries will ship out mid August 
  • Pre-order ends July 1st. 


SIZE: 60"x96"

WEIGHT: 4 lbs


• Storage pocket with velcro closure

• Standard 4 grommets – one on each corner. 


• UV/fade resistant poplin


• Water repellent/UV resistant polyester (charcoal)

• Nylon border (black)



• Cleaning. Treat the Tarpestry like a tarp! Shake it out when it’s dirty, rinse it off with a hose when it’s really dirty.  Spot clean with mild soap. Hang to dry. Harsh detergent and the agitation of the machine wash will eventually break down the inner coating on the Tarpestry. You won’t see this but you may notice a decrease in water-repellency. If there is a noticeable difference in functionality, re-coat the Tarpestry with spray for waterproofing outdoor gear.

• Sun exposure. Rugged and Artist Series Tarpestries have UV treated upper fabrics – so their colors will last the longest. These two styles are what you want if you plan to have your Tarpestry outside 24/7. The Classic Style Tarpestry has a soft cotton upper that is printed with vegetable dyes. This cotton fabric is not UV treated. The vibrancy may fade but the functionality will not! 

• Water. The Tarpestry is not waterproof, it is highly water-repellent. Ergo, it will repel the water to a point. Lay your Tarpestry down on damp grass and you will stay high and dry. If you lay it down in a puddle, it will eventually saturate and you will have a soggy bottom. The Tarpestry is not a float. If you use your Tarpestry for rain protection, hang it at an angle so that the water can bead up and roll down. If you allow the water to pool, it will eventually saturate. And for the love of pete have the water-repellent base fabric facing the rain.

See the TARPESTRIES website for more info!


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