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Mystery Tubes

Regular price $20.00

Ever wonder what happens with misprints or gently loved art? The answer is Mystery Tubes! Here's how it works:

This time there are more price tiers than ever and we've included access to some special alpha and omega sized canvases. The price tiers are as follows: 

  • $20 
  • $40
  • $100 
  • $250 -Omega canvas Tier 
  • $500 -Alpha canvas Tier 
  • $1000- Alpha canvas Tier 

You chose the tier and surprise art will arrive to your door. The gamble/fun is that won't know what it is until you open it!

Don’t worry though, every roll of the dice gets a prize and we’re including some rare and no longer available prints.

These are all gently loved or slightly damaged and therefore highly discounted fine art paper and canvas prints. They have a value ranging from $75-$2000. 

    The size and regular retail value determines which tier the artwork falls in. We are talking highly discounted art here. 

    Limited amount of each tier is available. 


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