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Mystery Tubes

Regular price $20.00

Ever wonder what happens with misprints or gently loved art? The answer is Mystery Tubes! Here's how it works:

There are 3 different art sizes and price tiers available: $20 ,$40 and $100. You chose the tier and surprise art will arrive to your door. The gamble/fun is that won't know what it is until you open it!

Don’t worry though, every roll of the dice gets a prize and we’re including some rare and no longer available prints.

These are all fine art paper prints and have a value ranging from $75-$275.

3 price tiers: 

  • $20 price Tier
  • $40 Price Tier
  • $100 Price Tier 

The size and regular retail value determines which tier the artwork falls in. 

Limited amount of each tier is available. 


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